How does metarex.media work under the hood?
Technical Specifications
Metarex is like a zip file with a timeline. It’s used like an electronic FedEx service.

The Metarex Container

Start by reading the MRX container introduction that leads you through the container design choices amongst the many containers available. From that point, you can read the detailed spec of the MRX container in its work-in-progress status. There may be further detailed discussions in the metarex GitHub repository’s issues section.

There’s also the easy-access White Paper blog from 2024 .

The Metarex Register

The register converts a metarexId e.g. MRX.123.456.789.reg into a set of links where you can find information and services related to that metadata type.

The specification for the JSON that is returned from a register query has the metarexId MRX.123.456.789.reg . You can use the web app to browse the register or to add your own content (registration required) or you can inspect the register using the API here .

Container Specification

Work in progress container specification.


How does metarex.media work under the hood?


How does metarex.media work under the hood?


The original MXF-Live specification as used in the mxf-live project.

Last modified 2024-07-03