MRX.123.456.789.def - ALPHA release candidate

frame by frame csv data of Rexy’s sunbathing scene

Congratulations. This is a sample url that defines the content of the rexy_sunbathe_mrx.mxf file.

This is work in progress and there may be issues with the rexy file as well as with the associated identifiers during the engineering stages.

The sample JSON below may change over time. If you want to track the changes of the JSON for this sample, then take a look at the GitHub repo for this page.

    "metarexId":     "MRX.123.456.789.def",
    "type":          "frame by frame csv data of Rexy's sunbathing scene",
    "payloadFormat": "text/csv",
    "specification": "",
    "services": {}

The project should also decide if this lightweight JSON should be delivered raw at an API endpoint, embedded in a register webpage (like this) or both.