Why is MetaRex needed?
An Introduction to Metarex

What is MetaRex?

Metarex is an initiative dedicated to developing an open-source framework for the transport of media metadata. This framework will allow you to preserve, transport, identify, and use metadata from many sources in a single workflow. This will make it easier to manage metadata and ensure that it is accurate and consistent whenever video content is processed, broadcast, or distributed.

Why is MetaRex needed?

There is currently no standard way to transport media metadata. The lack of transport medium can cause these metadata issues:

  1. It is lost or corrupted during the production process
  2. Incompatibility with different software applications
  3. Difficulties in managing and searching

How will MetaRex help improve metadata management?

MetaRex will create a standardised way to transport metadata, ensuring that metadata is always transported in the same way, regardless of the software application used. This will make it easier to manage and search metadata, and it will also reduce the risk of metadata being lost or corrupted.

MetaRex will make metadata interoperable, which means that it will be compatible with different software applications. This will make it easier to share metadata between different systems, and it will also make it easier to access metadata from different sources.

MetaRex will be extensible, meaning new metadata formats can be easily added to the framework. This will ensure that MetaRex can support the latest metadata standards, and it will also make it easier to add new metadata fields to the framework.

Who is behind the MetaRex project and how is it funded?

The MetaRex team is led by renowned media technologist Bruce Devlin , who has had a significant impact on the way that media is produced and distributed. Devlin is a former head of standards for SMPTE and a member of the EBU. He is passionate about open-source solutions and is committed to making the media industry more accessible and efficient. MetaRex is a not-for-profit initiative and is funded by donations from companies that will benefit from free-flowing metadata.

How will MetaRex benefit me?

We can help you streamline your workflows and connect you with our growing network of companies. Your involvement will give you the opportunity to adapt the Metarex framework to your requirements and allow you to be first to market.

Why not arrange a meeting and see how we can help?

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