MetaRex needs you

The award winning , philanthropic, non-profit MetaRex project makes metadata flow. The more metadata you have, the more you will benefit. But we need 2 more silver backers or 15 more regular backers to get the project over the finish line. But first, lets lay out our objectives:

  1. 😎 MetaRex is a free software framework .
  2. 😎 MetaRex lets you define your own metadata.
  3. 😎 MetaRex defines a container for your metadata.
  4. The container is mapped to many types of network. Transport comes for free!
  5. 😎 MetaRex gives you a unique Id for your new type of metadata.
  6. 😎 MetaRex lets you publish services for your metadata type.
  7. You can monetize those services
  8. 😎 MetaRex lets you discover services for unknown metadata types.
  9. 😎 MetaRex supports all types of metadata including text & binary, timeline & static, frame locked, sample locked & stochastic, single stream & mixed streams of metadata.
  10. 😎 MetaRex is built on standard tools, standard formats & standard frameworks.
  11. 😎 MetaRex can run in a product, on-premise or globally.