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How the Project is Funded.
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The project is being funded by backers who want to see a body of Open Source code appear in the industry. Backers may be product vendors, integrators, production companies, Billion Dollar multi-nationals or Contract Programmers working from home. The goal is to get a large number of people to make small donations to help get the software written,

  • 80% of funds raised will be given away as engineering grants
  • 20% of funds raised will be used to run the project

Backers make two donations - one in calendar year 2023 and one in 2024. The more we raise, the more software we can commission. The numbers below are the minimum for each backer tier.

Gold Backer - The Directeurs

We are looking for a small number of Headline Gold Tier Backers. Gold tier pledges £50,000 during the project. Gold Tier backers form the board of MetaRex. In addition to all the benefits of other backer tiers, the board approves work and can decide if a backer’s contributions allows them to be elevated to a different tier. Fill in the contact form to get started.

Silver Backer - The Leaders

We are looking for Silver Tier Backers. Silver Tier backers pledge £10,000 during the project. They will form the leadership of the MetaRex work packages (e.g. QC, Virtual Production, Mastering etc.). Silver Tier backers approve our external communications and also enjoy the benefits of the regular backer tier. Fill in the contact form to get started.

Regular Backer - The Supporters

We are looking for many regular backers. A backer pledges £1,000 during the project or promises work-in-kind to help the project move forwards. A backer get their name and logos on the website and, where possible, will be named at events on marketing materials. Backers are invited to online work meetings and can take part in votes. Backers will be invited to contribute to our regular blog posts about MetaRex to keep the industry informed about our progress. Fill in the contact form to get started.

Free Tier - The Spectators

The Free Tier is for observers of the project. Free Tier participants will get our newsletter. Fill in the contact form to get started.

Project Partners

Project partners are trade associations and other bodies that represent groups whose work influences or will be influenced by the work of MetaRex. We work with project partnters to ensure maximum benefit for minimum friction with external entities. There is no charge to be a project partner and getting set up is a simple as filling in the contact form and getting started.

Last modified 2024-07-03