MetaRex is a UK Limited Company that exists for the following


  1. Raise funds to create the MetaRex Open Source Software
  2. Maintain a board until end 2024
  3. Maintain a website to run the project & communicate results
  4. Publish the workplan to build the Software
  5. Distribute funds to project grant applicants (companies & individuals)
  6. Dissolve itself after 2 years at the boards discretion


A board of 3-7 members is initially created from the Gold Tier backers. The company health is led by the Executive Director and the work is coordinated by the Gold & Silver Tier backers.

Work Plan

The work plan is managed in working groups that comprise small, targetted work packages that result in:

  1. Open Source Code including SDK, apps, schemas, encoding, registration & processing.
  2. Open Source Hardware Definitions.
  3. Public Domain Data (for testing, registration, operational use).
  4. Specification documents - machine readable where possible.
  5. A free to access register for public projects


The initial backers, company incorpration, board and draft work plan will be in place by 2022-12-31. First grant applications & proposals can be received against the work plan 2023-01-01. Gantt Chart on the Project page.

The project will continue until 2024-12-31 and then be wound up by the board leaving all code and open source content in place with a sustaining plan to ensure it’s longevity.