Current Status.
IBC is done - we're preparing for NAB 2024.

MetaRex is looking for more [backers] to create a financial reserve from which we can give out grants to engineering teams to create the Open Source that we need to enable free tooling for all. Please make a small financial or engineering contribution if a working global media meta data ecosystem is of interest to you or your company.

gantt dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD title High level timing of Metarex #tickInterval 1month - broken - upgrade to mermaid 9.3 axisFormat %Y-%m excludes weekends %% (`excludes` accepts specific dates in YYYY-MM-DD format, days of the week ("sunday") or "weekends", but not the word "weekdays".) section Setup IBC feasibility : done, A1, 2022-09-01, 2022-09-30 Create company : done, A2, 2022-10-01, 2022-12-31 Website & Tools : done, A3, 2022-10-01, 2022-12-31 section Marketing & Funds Awareness : done, M1, 2023-01-01, 12w NAB 2023 : milestone, done, 2023-04-16, 1d MPTS 2023 : milestone, done, 2023-05-14, 1d IBC 2023 :crit, milestone, 2023-09-14, 1d NAB 2024 : milestone, 2024-04-16, 1d section Work IBC Accelerator : active, W0, 2023-05-01, 2023-09-20 Work Packages : W1, 2023-07-14, 2024-11-30 section Termination Final IBC :crit, milestone, 2024-09-14, 1d End Activities :crit, milestone, 2024-12-31, 1d Administer Sustaining :crit, 2025-01-01, 2025-06-30 Terminate company :crit, milestone, 2025-06-30, 1d
Last modified November 17, 2023: fixed many broken banners & front movie (17443f8)