Free Software

What software can you expect from Metarex.
MetaRex will give away Free Open Source Software for easy implementation of the MetaRex framework.

Framework code

The Framework code is intended for developers and product designers to integrate

MetaRex metarex into a product or system. The code comprises 3 parts:

  1. wrapper / unwrapper - puts metadata items into the mrx container
  2. inserter / extractor - maps mrx containers into a transport e.g. NDI or RTP or MXF multiplexer
  3. register - interacts with the register API

Creating the framework code will be done in the following steps

  1. Phase 1
    1. 2023-04 Agree the specification
    2. Create some test streams for wrap / unwrap / register testing
    3. Create an ffmpeg wrap / unwrap / register implementation
    4. Create Javascript, Golang, Python & C++ wrap / unwrap / register libraries
  2. Phase 2
    1. create basic RTP network mapper
    2. create network mappers depending on resource availability
  3. Phase 3 (stretch goal)
    1. Specify requirements for end-user app
    2. Create Android & iOS apps

Register code

The register is a simple web service that delivers text or json when requested. An authenticated user of the system should be able to update records that they own. A user management system is required to prevent malicious update of register entries.

The register should also be able to run in a self-proxy mode to allow for embedded register and private operations.

2023-04 A github repo will be created for the register requirements that will allow backer to triage and prioritize issues raised.

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