What is the project?

Surely there are enough metadata projects? Why MetaRex?

Throughout 2022, at NAB , IBC and the DPP Leader’s Briefing, the MetaRex team did a lot of talking to content creators, facility owners, software vendors and many others about what were the blockers that stopped metadata being a first class citizen. The biggest issue was “The metadata gets lost”.

$alt MetaRex was shown to work back in 1998, when the original MXF team demonstrated file workflows with metadata preservation at the BBC in a project called G-FORS (see page 219 of linked PDF). The demo was brought up to date with live netowrking and VFX and shown at the ARRI Broadcast Day in 2019, but in 2022 there still wasn’t a similar solution available on the market. Games companies complained that every new virtual set was a custom engineering job, just to get the metadata to the right place at the right time.

MetaRex is now ready for launch. We need backers to create a financial reserve from which we can give out grants to engineering teams to create the Open Source that we need to enable free tooling for all. Please make a small financial or engineering contribution if a working global media medata ecosystem is of interest to you or your company.

The basic rollout of the project is given in detail on the status page.

MetaRex gantt chart (click to zoom)

The project will end before January 2025 with the project board deciding on the details of the project closure.

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Current Status.

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