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2023-01-12 CES report published on 2023-01-12 in Blog

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Metaverse and Metadata at CES® 2023 The CES 2023 theme was a little unusual for consumer tech show, but it was up to date, relevant and contemporary: “Tech Solving the World’s Biggest Challenges”. Tech development is often associated with poor …

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2023-01-01 CES preview published on 2023-01-04 in Blog

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CES® 2023 will take place in Las-Vegas, Nevada 5-8 of January and MetaRex is going to be there! It is the most influential tech event in the world – the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. This is where the …

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2022-12-08 World Cup published on 2022-12-08 in Blog

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The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is nearly over, and the FIFA World Cup Division, which is responsible for the broadcast production, and Host Broadcast Services ( HBS ) produce a remarkable worldwide coverage, which include traditional broadcasting, …

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2022-11-16 DPP Leaders Briefing published on 2022-11-16 in Blog

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The DPP Leaders briefing is one of the must-attend events of the year. A truly international crowd with awesome speakers and a great 2 day narrative including futurology, current challenges, diversity, equality, inclusivity, sustainability and of …

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IBC Show 2022 published on 2022-09-18 in Blog

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An in-person IBC after the long COVID break was both exciting and busy. My 10km stope count goal was exceeded every day and conversations with both exhibitors and attendees was stimulating and informative. It became rapidly clear that business …

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MetaRex at NAB 2022 in Las Vegas published on 2022-04-23 in Blog

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NAB Show 2022 Intelligent Content was a key theme of the show and the MetaRex team wandered the show floor expecting to find that all the problems had been solved by existing products and services. It came as a surprise to find that the world can …

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Posts in 2019

Original MXF-Live Specification published on 2019-10-08 in Blog

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Full details of the release in the MetaRex docs section . Details of the mxf-live project in the blog . This specification was the impetus for starting the Metarex project. We hope to repeat the demo on a larger scale with a more generic solution in …

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MXF-LIVE at ARRI International Broadcast Day 2019 published on 2019-07-20 in Blog

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Photo: ARRI
MXF-Live was demonstrated at the ARRI International Broadcast Day 2019 . Live Metadata Capture and Rendering in MXF This 2 year project was a pre-cursor to metarex 2019 International Broadcast Demo Day Ideal for semi-custom metadata such as position, …

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