2023-06-23 Metarex: IBC Accelerator

Bruce tells us about the Responsive Narrative Factory Project for IBC 2023.

Bruce Devlin @in

MetaRex at IBC 2023: Responsive Narrative Factory

The [Responsive Narrative Factory] ( RNF ) is an [IBC Accelerator] project that will be showcased at this year’s IBC show between 15 & 18 September at the RAI centre, Amsterdam.

We’re teaming up with [Infuse Video], the [BBC], [CuVo] and others to show what can be achieved when you mix the following in a simple demonstration:

  • seamless metadata handling
  • IMF style component based media handling
  • great content
  • customer interaction
  • IBC show guest

Basically ultra-fine-grained-personalisation becomes a relatively simple task if you have all the right components ready to go.

The Infuse video player uses metadata provided by Metarex to deliver the components of a programme that the viewer wants. No extra storage or redndering is required - it’s just a matter of using the metadata to automate the preparation.

Technical, timeline and demonstration details will appear on our RNF page so you can follow along and maybe even download the metarex code from our [github].

The Responsive Narrative Factory will be showcased as an IBC Accelerator at IBC 2023 . Our RNF page reveals all the secrets of our demonstration.