2023-04-26 NAB Show 2023

Bruce talks us through Metarex highlights @ NAB.

Bruce Devlin @in

MetaRex at NAB 2023

New backers, offers to write code, offers of financial support, offers to write specification, new workflows and generally a thumbs up that MetaRex is going in the right direction.

The new backers are being on-boarded and their logos will appear on our [backer-wall] as soon as the process for each company is complete. The new workflows and benefits will appear on the website soon and we’ll be updating the spec on the GitHub as well as adding more tutorial material and references to existing standards up which MetaRex is based.


As usual, the Devoncroft summit and the IABM breakfast gave considerable insight into the the drivers and the disruptors affecting the industry. For me, a key message was that data is continuing to drive business decisions and that trusting the provenance of that data is key to ensuring the decisions are good ones. This includes upstream data from the creation of the content as well as downstream data from the consumption of the content.

On the show floor there were busy clumps and quiet areas. A curious mix of activity all around. It seemed that anyone with cloud native solutions had a continuous stream of visitors whereas some of the smaller hardware sellers had time to doom-scroll on their favourite social media.

Next stop for Metarex is the Media Production Show in London 10-11 May. Come and see us, we’ll [have a great panel(https://www.mediaproductionshow.com/2023-seminar-programme/metarex-s-fedex-metadata-simplifies-workflows)]!