2023-04-15 NAB Show 2023

Katya Highlights the BIG topics @ NAB.

Ekaterina Petoukhova @in

XR, Metaverse and Metadata at NAB 2023

The unofficial theme of the Centennial NAB 2023 “Data”, to be even more precise it’s metadata and this should not be surprising. Since video and audio become have become digital, there’s an increasing need to know more about the content you have. Whether it’s how it was made, where it came from, who owns it, how fast you can move it and whether it can pass QC in a given territory. Metadata plays increasingly important role in production, post-production, and most importantly the monetization of the content. In the NexGenTV, remote production, XR and virtualization, the accuracy of Metadata is playing the most important role.

NAB show offering the two hours of show floor tours: “The Data, Data, Data Tour” happens twice a day (10-12 and 13-15) on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 and on Sunday 16 one tour from 10:30 till 12:30. Plus there’s the very impressive panel discussion with the same title at the Conference on Monday. We recommend the tour because it will show you why Metarex is important.

The panel announcement says:

“Data drives virtually every corner of entertainment from idea inception, production, and distribution to ultimately understanding audience behavior.What is the best way to implement & leverage ‘intelligent data,’ so you can scale and monetize your assets? How does the content ecosystem process all these enormous volumes of information to drive towards scale and profitability?

The visionaries and experts will discuss a variety of ways companies are using AI and metadata to create new opportunities, drive towards sustainable business practices, and grow their audiences.”

Also there will be several presentations in the open theatres on this theme, such as 11:00- 11:20 presentation “Unified Entertainment Data Architecture - Real World Benefits” on Monday at W3421E Connect Innovation Theatre or 13:00- 13:40 “End-to-end Production in the Cloud with Real-Time Artist Collaboration” on Tuesday 18 at W1143C Intelligent Content Experimental Zone. All the news from the show floor and conference on metadata you will find here at our Metarex Resource.

However, the best event we are inviting you to participate in will be Metarex project meeting at our backer Signiant’s booth on the last day of the show Wednesday 19. Please come to W1713 to learn about new free software and standardization initiative which will make your life is much easy. Metadata Resource Express is coming to NAB 2023!