2023-01-12 CES report

Katya reports on the CES Show.

Ekaterina Petoukhova @in

Metaverse and Metadata at CES® 2023

The CES 2023 theme was a little unusual for consumer tech show, but it was up to date, relevant and contemporary: “Tech Solving the World’s Biggest Challenges”. Tech development is often associated with poor environment credentials or not in the long term interest of humanity, but perhaps only now we are entering an age where technology could help save the world in many ways broken by human interaction.

One of the six most important tech trends nominated by Steve Koenig, VP Research for CTA was Metaverse / Web3.0. Koenig said that we will see legit substance forming around the Metaverse in both tech innovation and business strategy. As examples he offered

both of which enhance the audio-video experience we have bee used to have until now.

The show floor saw VR/AR offering – filming, delivering, reproducing all sorts of content – for business purposes and entertainment. There were many 3D metadata tools including one we liked from Vimmerse .

The conference session also had Metaverse topics with important speakers and well knowing innovators such as…

  • The road to the open Metaverse,
  • Influencers and Actors in the Metaverse
  • Metaverse meets Office Space

However, the most important for MetaRex project appears to be the Conference Stream at the Aria conference centre:

  • Hollywood streaming and Metaverse

where we met a plethora of like minded colleagues, including Leslie Shannon - Head of Ecosystem and Trend Scouting for Nokia based in Silicon Valley and the author of [Interconnected Realities]: How the Metaverse Will Transform Our Relationship to Technology Forever

Needless to say that engineering part of Metaverse today in term of standartization is much weaker than the futurist dreams about it, so here we are: Closing the gap. Metarex roar!