IBC Show 2022

Finding support on the show floor of IBC 2022.

Bruce Devlin @mrmxf

An in-person IBC after the long COVID break was both exciting and busy. My 10km stope count goal was exceeded every day and conversations with both exhibitors and attendees was stimulating and informative.

It became rapidly clear that business models had changed radically since COVID. Many folks were investing in AI technologies to guess at the metadata that gets discarded during productions. More folks were inventing new protocols for their AI metadata because there isn’t a standard way to ship metadata on a timeline from where it’s made to where it’s needed.

My big take away is that if we run the MetaRex project with the following constraints then it is likely to be a success:

  • Make free software that anyone can use to transport metadata.
  • Ask for small donations from a large number of backers.
  • Carry binary and text metadata.
  • Carry clocked and event metadata.
  • Support FFMPEG
  • Support Javascript, Python, C++ and GoLang.

Check our the [backers] page to see how you can help.